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Thank you for learning about how you can 'crowdsource' a green residential development at the Green Drinks event at the new green residential building, Lofts 11!

The developer, Gail Montplaisir discussed the possibilities of crowdsourcing (the 'we are smarter than me' approach of mass collaboration) their next green development with the crowd, and she'd like to see if there's interest in their H Street project. This program benefit both Green Drinks and Live Green significantly. Find out how here!

This groupsite is the home of the beta community - those dedicated to eventually buying or renting a green home with an interest in crowdsourcing green residences in Washington DC.

You can earn points by referring people to this groupsite (3 per person) and furthering the green residential movement. The points can be redeemed for green items for your home, or hold them for VIP access to future events. The first 50 people will automatically receive 10 points.




(This area will display upcoming events as they approach on the calendar)


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